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The HARVEST CENTRE dream was born over a decade ago from a wish to make a difference to to the lives of disenfranchised and disadvantaged people in Hout Bay. 

The current property, an empty badly vandalised old fish factory, was then found and bought with private funds to build a creative hub for Hout Bay that serves both as a job creation and skills training opportunity and as a springboard for small SME's through the creation of a major tourist drawcard. 
The Harvest Centre was then renovated by Helena as "owner builder" using local labour and skills. It now houses around 25 craft and light industrial workshops as well as the Bay Harbour Market whereby an immense turnaround to the area was created bringing new business and job opportunities. 
One is however always left with a feeling that more can be done and we saw a crying need for mentorship and affordable opportunities for underprivileged youth in Hout Bay - and so the HARVEST YOUTH PROJECT was initiated in 1915.
Sustainability of the Youth Project is an ongoing battle as it is mostly privatelly funded by Harvet Centre and  the CEO in her personal capacity.
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