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Harvest Centre:
Harvest Centre is our home, and also our main sponsor, currently sponsoring most of the costs together with the CEO in her personal capacity.
Harvest Centre also houses other NGO projects, a SETA training facility running a course in site management -  and many craft workshops with highly skilled artists who are willing to offer their time for workshops.
Some are also offering apprentice positions such as forging and welding.

Meet and Teach:

Evan has created an NGO that recruits volunteers from the United States and brings them out for a month twice a year to bring new skillsand mentoring programmes to young people in Hout Bay.

website for more information.

Intle Art :

A community art training programme run by Jenny and based in the DIY Workshop in the Harvest Centre as well as now moving into  their own new workshop space.

Department of Social Development:
DSD are a valuable partner for us in the skills that they bring to the table. Co-hosting the Youth Jam and Career Readiness Workshops with them have been very successful and meaningful.
They are also always helpfull when we are dealing with specific children who have domestic or other problems.
Hangberg Education Development Movement :
Championed by Pastor Philip Frans, this NGO is a community upliftment project based in Hangberg, focusing on creating job and learning opportunities.
Passion and Purpose Experience
Managed by Laura Veratti, this organisation specialises in bringing quality volunteers and co-ordinating cultural exchange groups from Brazil. We are very excited to be partening with such an enspiring and passionate organisation!
... nurturing the leaders of tomorrow...
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All content and photographs Copyright Harvest Youth Project 2017 - Design Helena Fagan. Photographs Helena Fagan and Peter Michaels

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